Being fit

Learn to swim as an activity to improve your health and physical and mental wellness. Enjoy exercising and taking the most of its multiple benefits improving your skin toning, flexibility, cardiovascular system and body image.

Open Water

Develop the required skills to swim with confidence in the sea: swimming techniques for different conditions, sighting, breathing, swimming in group…and take part in competitions or in races.


Optimize your performance and minimize your effort achieving better results. Learn competition strategies such as overtaking, drafting, coming into and from the water, rhythm control…


Recover and get better your physical injury by means swimming. Benefit from the virtues of the aquatic environment and learn to swim in a suitable way whatever your condition is.


Enjoy practicing your favorite sport swimming with comfort and ease. Apart from the physical benefits you’ll get, swimming is a way of relaxation. Escape from stress practicing the sport you like the most.


The most effective way to increase your speed and endurance optimizing your performance is by improving your technique. Learn the most effective strategies to compete in swimming pool and to achieve your goals.

“Swimming is one the most practiced sports in the world and one of the most recommended ones in medicine. Try your luck with book of ra free spins no deposit. It’s an excellent way to work with the whole body, you can improve  strength, flexibility as well as the cardiovascular and breathing system.”

Joseba Cercas

Joseba Cercas

The Swimet Founder/Coach


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